Step Profile Duro 2.0 Universal

The brand new DURO 2.0 Corner Step Profile arises from the need to be able to finish any flooring in an absolutelyperfect way. It is an innovative and highly technical profile that is produced through a unique coextrusion process of twodifferent materials.

The Duro 2.0 surface (in the colors currently in the range) is coextruded around the technical aluminum profile that canbe clicked on the perimeter of each flooring thanks to the CLIP B substructure (both in the EasyClick system and in theEasyChange system). The aluminum guarantees a perfect perimeter squaring and already has an underlying housing; seat for a possible furtherprofile / finishing fascia board to go even deeper.

The profile can be cut at 45 degrees for a frame installation or simply left straight. Creating steps and frames in anydecking flooring has never been easier.

Profilo angolare decking

Step Profile Front

Once installed with a simple click, the Step Duro2.0 profile shows two visible faces in Duro 2.0, clean and homogeneous. The surface can be requested in any color in the range of Duro 2.0 decking by iDecking Revolution.

Profilo angolare wpc

Step Profile Back

The internal part of the DURO 2.0 Step profile reveals the obsessive attention that iDecking usually pays to the technical part of each ofits projects. The aluminum profile is extruded in such a way that it clicks easily and without screws into the type B substructures of both the EasyClick system and the EasyChange system. While the lower part already has the housing seat for a further finishing “extension” profile.

Profilo angolare decking

45° Cut

In this example the step Duro 2.0 corner profiles have been cut at 45 degrees and juxtaposed in such a way as to create a perfect frame. However, the 45-degree cut is not mandatory, and the profile can be managed ensuringmaximum versatility.

Profilo angolare decking

Clip B for Easychange

This photo reveals a big news in the iDecking Revolution house. In other words, the possibility of applying the angular step profile in Duro2.0 also on the EasyChange system thanks to the new B EasyChange substructure. Before, the clickable profile could in fact only adapt tothe EasyClick system, with the new patented EasyChange B substructure instead the profile becomes Universal in the world of iDecking Revolution systems!

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