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iDecking Revolution is the worldwide prized company born to innovate in the field of Decking Systems and Materials. iDecking patented systems EasyClick and EasyChange are bringing a real revolution in the market. Would you believe to be able to install decking boards with just your feet? Remove and Replace each one anywhere in the deck with the simple turn of a key? 

That the most innovative composite material comes from a by product: Rice Husk (skin of the rice)! 



How do I understand the best iDecking system for my needing?

That’s the easiest task!

You really have to start from your own scenario (the place and use you need decking/cladding for). For example if you need to deck an area in the shortest time possible, EasyClick is the system you want to talk about. Just think that comparing EasyClick to any traditional way to install decking would make you find out you can speed up the installation till 5 times faster (es. 2 deck builders, regular shape, would install till 100 sqm per day!). If instead I need to deck an area that would need regular inspection, the best system is definitely EasyChange. The system that will let you remove/replace any single board from anywhere in the deck without touching the others! Particularly good for Cladding too! In case you need to add extra cables to an area, or just replace a broken board, EasyChange is definitely the system giving you much more freedom in long term time.

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